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Turkey Fingerprint Art

Cute fingerprint turkey art project for the little turkeys in your life.

We love making keepsakes with the kids and seeing how the kids change and grow.

These painted turkeys for Thanksgiving turned out so cute and will make a great addition to our holiday decorations.

You could easily make one for each of your little ones or make one with your entire flock on it. I decided I wanted one with all of my babies, so I could display it with our Fall and Thanksgiving decorations.

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Supplies Needed For Fingerprint Turkey Art

  • Construction paper or smooth acrylic paint paper
  • Paint – brown, yellow, orange, and red
  • paint brushes
  • paper plate
  • baby wipe or paper towel
  • black fine point sharpie marker
Fingerprint Turkey for Thanksgiving


  • First, gather your brown paint, paper plate and baby wipe or damp paper towel. Set aside.
  • Next, look over the paper you decided on using and determine the placement of your turkey or turkeys on the page. I chose to have turkeys standing in a line and used a pencil to mark the locations for each of the thumbprints.
  • Once you decide on placement of your turkey’s, have your child or children, one at a time, place their thumb in the paint. Utilize just enough paint to cover the print side of their thumb then press on the pencil mark that you had previously made. 
Possible paint choices for fingerprint turkeys
Thumbprint for my thumbprint turkey craft
  • Clean your child’s thumb as you go or have your kids wash their hands; whichever works for you.
  • Two adults may be needed when getting a babies fingerprint. They also may not look perfect. This adds some character to their little birds. Plus they are super cute!
  • Let the paint dry.
  • While you are waiting on the paint to dry, add small amounts of the red, yellow, and orange paint to the plate.
  • Practice making feathers using a paint brush with a smaller tip. Take an opportunity to look at your child or each of your child’s thumbprints. Think about your child, their age, and personality then, consider how their turkey will look. 

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First step Turkery Thumbprint craft. Fingerprint turkey art.
  • Take your time making the feathers, practicing as needed. When possible leave space between each feather.
  • Let the paint dry once you have painted all of the feathers.
  • Decide on your turkey’s wings, beaks, eyes, and feet.
  • Using the black permanent marker, draw your turkey’s wings, beaks, eyes and feet. I also decided to trace around some of the feathers to add some additional dimension.
Painting feathers on fingerprint turkey art

Adding the Finishing Touches

  • Lastly, add a little red snood to the top of all of the turkey’s tiny beaks. You can use a toothpick or a small paintbrush to do this.
  • Once I had my little turkeys looking the way I wanted, I wrote LITTLE TURKEYS at the bottom of the paper. I’ve written my children’s names and the year on previous pieces. You can also use a stamper or a sticker that works with your design. Definitely write the date on the back in order to date your keepsake, especially, if you don’t place it on the front.
Finishing touches on your fingerprint turkey art keepsake

This is such a fun addition for Thanksgiving!

It only took us a few hours to do and that’s with dry times and me running around the house doing other mommy tasks.

I can’t wait to display this cute turkey fingerprint art!

Turkey Thumbprint Keepsake

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