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Hi there!

We are Raising the Spengler’s. I’m Brandy Spengler and we are so glad you found our little piece of the web.

Raising the Spenglers

Heath and I started this blog as our way of sharing our story of faith, family, food, living and learning with you. He is the rock to our family and keeps me from going coo coo.

We are a growing family living in the heart of the country. Winfield, Kansas, to be exact.

It’s a beautiful town with tree lined streets and a downtown like from the movie “Hocus Pocus”.

Hocus Poscus with Raising the Spenglers
I kid you not!

We trick or treat like it too!


Heath grew up in this great town and after our fifth move we decided to make Winfield our home.

And a great home we have made.Our first home was a sweet little two bedroom one bath bungalow. The five of us were content and happy with our little space. I learned to be super organized and picky about what we could bring into our space.

Then and without notice the Lord started opening doors for us!

We received an offer to sell our home.

This, by the way, wasn’t even on our radar, but it was something that was on our hearts.

We were able to buy a new larger home, and complete some much needed renovations to our 1910 Foursquare.


With kids!

If you have done this you know what I’m thinking before I even say it.


It really wasn’t that bad, but only because we tried completing most of the renovations before we moved in.

We are still getting it done though.

We faith, trust and a little….
🙏🏼Prayer. Okay, a lot of prayer.

It hasn’t always been the easiest road getting to where we are now. We have had some major set backs; career changes, multiple moves, and lose of income.

Each step has been a learning process and we continue to grow in our devotion to learning, listening and obeying the Lord.
But growing in our Faith with the Lord has made the path straighter and smoother.

We hope to share with you some of what we have learned in our journey, hopefully, smoothing out some of your bumps or helping you make your path a little straighter, too.

Along the way, join us in our homeschooling journey. We love creating crafts and activities, fun food, and learning opportunities.
This year will be a new experience for them and for Heath and I.
This year we will be homeschooling our five and three year olds, as well, as our nine year old.

We do this while also running a full time home daycare business. We incorporate many of our homeschool learning opportunities into our daycare daily schedule. It makes for a structured, organized, and activity filled day.

Can’t wait to share all the exciting moments with you!

Some facts about the Raising the Spengler’s crew.

⁃ Heath and I meet when we were set up on a blind date in College. We went to a terrible movie, ate great food, and that’s all she wrote.

⁃ Heath and I have four energetic and fun loving kids; Bella, Em, Vi, and Fitz!

⁃ We have two fur babies. Rapunzel, our independent kitty and Winston, our smarty pants Miniature Schnauzer. They are both too smart for their own good.

⁃ Heath is our resident savory recipe creator. He saved me from loosing my mind when I adjusted to a gluten and dairy free diet for our newest baby.

⁃ I, on the other hand, create many of our gluten packed recipes. I love baked goods! They just don’t love Fitz and I.

⁃ The girls and I love performing in Musicals. We love singing and dancing! We will break out into song at any random second.

⁃ We are business owners. Together we own and operate an in home daycare. Spengler’s Little Wonders.

That’s how we get to spend so much time together.

And we still like each other.

It sounds crazy.

I know!

– We try to be as frugal as possible with how we spend our money. I love money saving tips!


About Me

About Raising the Spenglers

To start off I love writing.

Writing is my jam.

Talking to people. Not so much.

Crazy right!

I just freeze up sometimes and crawl into my mom bubble. You know. Use my kids as a reason that I can’t socialize. I’m actively working on this and I hope to break out of my shell.

Here is some shell breaking right here!

– I can’t go a day without thinking of a lyrics to music if someone says some random thing. For example, one of my kids could say “that’s cold” and I will automatically think of a lyric from a song. “You’re as cold as ice….” Ugh! Heath will even do this to me on purpose. So crazy!

– I take forever to paint and clean. It has to be the perfectionist in me, or I’m just really slow.

– My babies, Heath and God are my life.

-If you can’t tell, I love changing up my hair. It’s my thing and I could change it every season!

I’m a born and raised Kansan. I love Kansas. We are in the middle of everything. It’s cheaper to live here and you can get more for your money.

We get all of the seasons. (Most years anyway.) There is snow in the winter and swim suit weather in the summer.

The Fall and Spring are beautiful.

Oh…the leaves on the trees. Fall is my favorite season.

Motherhood is also my favorite season.

Season of life.

I love being a mother. The snuggles, all the firsts, and the cuteness.

I love to learn and you learn something new everyday being a mother.

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Motherhood really encompasses so much and I really want to share what I’ve learned so far with you; including the funny, the forgotten, and the necessary.

Before becoming a mother I had a career. I left my career as a school psychologist to be a full time mommy. It was the best and hardest decision we have ever made.

We had financial adjustments and cuts that had to be made and it was a commitment choosing to be a homeschool family and stay at home business owners.

But, I wanted to be a full time mom and our children’s teacher.

With prayer and perseverance we achieved this goal. We became teachers, business owners and the main figures in our children’s lives.

Because of this, my degree and education hasn’t gone to waste.
I take what I’ve learned and use it throughout our homeschool and business for creating lessons, crafts, and activities. Organization and paperwork. Learning how our kids and the kids in our care learn best.

Ultimately, none of Raising the Spengler’s would be possible without our love and devotion to the Lord. The Lord has made our paths straight and we continue to listen and obey Him.

I’m not going to lie it’s hard and I have to be brave. This blog was that for me.  It was scary to start, but I needed to listen and obey The Lord.

I would love for you to continue this journey with us by subscribing to our newsletter.

You wouldn’t miss a story, recipe or craft if you did!

Thanks so much and God Bless!


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