Winter Fingerprint Forest Raising the Spengler's

Winter Fingerprint Forest

I am in love with these winter fingerprint forest craft.

For starters. We love trees!

Trees are so beautiful in the winter, especially, the green of pine and other coniferous trees.

What better way to celebrate winter trees than by painting them?

Even better than that. Turning it into a delightful winter tree keepsake of your child’s adorable, little fingerprints.

Table of Contents

Winter Fingerprint Forest Using Construction Paper

Materials Needed for Construction Paper Fingerprint Forest

  • 1 Full Sheet Blue Construction Paper
  • 1 Half Sheet White Construction Paper
  • Green Paint
  • White Paint
  • Brown Paint
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
  • Glue
  • Paper Plate
  • Damp Towel or Wipe
Fingerprint forest of winter trees

The cutest fingerprint forest in the land!

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Directions for Preparing Paper for Fingerprints

First, make sure you have cut your white construction paper in half. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Little waves and bumps add character to the winter landscape.

You can cut the paper across the long side or the short side. This will depend on how many trees you want, what direction you want the paper to go, or how you want to frame your fingerprint tree keepsake.

For example, you will be able to get more trees if you lay the paper landscape, while you can make larger trees if the paper is laid portrait.

We completed our fingerprint forest by laying the paper portrait or with the shorter ends of the paper at the top and bottom.

Next, with your blue paper on the bottom, glue the half sheet of white paper to the lower half of the blue paper. Lining up to the edges as closely as you can.

Great Job!

Your paper is ready for adorable fingerprint trees and snowflakes.

Completing your Fingerprint Trees

Before handing over the paint to my little ones, I have an example all ready to go for them to refer to.

Having a visual really helps them see what they will be creating.

Younger children will need more specific directions and possibly hand over hand assistance to complete this finger painting craft.

First, place the green, brown and white paint on a paper plate.

Then, assist your child in placing their finger in the brown paint and then transferring it to the paper where the trees will be.

Clean off your child’s finger or have them wipe off their finger with a damp towel or wipe.

After the trees have their happy home assist your child with placing their finger in the green paint, unless you have a quick learner, then make a triangle shape with the green paint.

Depending on the child’s ability, have them continue to make finger prints within the green triangle.

Once the green part of the tree is finished clean the child’s finger.

Ask or assist the child in putting white paint on their finger than making finger print snow flakes on the blue paper.

Directions for older children.

Older children or children that take direction well can be given simple directions, such as place two to three brown fingerprints for the trunk of your tree.

Make a green finger print triangle above the trunk of the tree using the green paint then fill it in with additional green finger prints.

While using the white paint, make finger print snowflakes being careful to not get it on the green paint.

Remind them to clean their fingers in between colors.

And that’s it!

These are super adorable keepsakes of you children’s finger prints.

You can frame and display these to enjoy every year during the winter months or all year on a beloved art wall.

Winter fingerprint forest

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