Lemonade Cup Craft Lemonade Shape Craft Raising the Spengler's

Lemonade Cup Craft for Kids: Lemonade Day

This lemonade shape craft is a cute summer time addition to our seasonal crafts. In fact, it is great in helping our little people learn their shapes, too.

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It’s hard to believe that you can squeeze in so many skills when working on such a little craft, but you can!

Lemonade Cup Craft for Kids: Lemonade Day

Check out the skills that you can cover prior to and during the completion of your big glass of lemonade.

Skills Covered

  • Color identification (blue, yellow, and white)
  • Shape identification (rectangle, circle, semi circle, and square)
  • Object identification (lemon, cup/glass, straw, and ice cube)
  • Gluing
  • Listening to Directions
  • Discussion of objects, colors, and shapes

When completing this craft, I attempt to have a lot of the pieces cut out ahead of time, especially, since I work with mainly toddlers and preschoolers. If you work with older kiddos, you can make the templates ahead of time and then have the kids cut out their shapes.

Here are the materials you will need for your lemonade shape craft.

Materials Needed

  • White, Yellow, and Light Blue Construction Paper or Card Stock
  • Clear Sheet Protectors
  • Straw
  • Glue
  • Scissors (I don’t have a cutting machine or paper cutter. If you do, Great!)
  • Pencil
  • Round traceable object such as a cookie cutter or glass.

supplies needed for lemonade cup craft

To make one lemonade shape craft you will only need a half sheet of each color of construction paper, along with, one straw and one sheet protector.


Steps for preparing your lemonade shape craft.

Prepare White Construction Paper

First, fold your white construction paper in half. and cut along the crease to get two equal pieces.

paper needed for lemonade shape cup craft

Prepare Blue Construction Paper

Second, take the blue construction paper and fold it over at one end about 1-2 inches, making a sharp crease. The crease can be your guide for cutting. Do this as many times as you need, which depends on how many lemonade shape crafts you are doing.

folding paper for your icecubes in lemonade shape cup craft

Use scissors or a paper cutter to cut on the crease.

Once this strip is cut, begin folding over the strip to make squares. You can measure this or just eyeball it.

Cut out your ice cubes.

Our lemonade shape craft only used three ice cubes but yours can have as many as you want.

ice cubes for lemonade cup craft by raising the spengler's

Prepare Yellow Construction Paper

The lemons are the star of the show for this cute little craft!

I found that it is easier to trace and cut out a circle by folding the paper over (see picture), tracing half of the object (glass or cookie cutter), and cutting the paper while it is still folded. You will have a crease, but I only used one whole circle and cut the remainder into semi circles.

Make sure you trace half the object or less, if you fold the paper over, or it will end up being an oval.

Repeat this until you have all of the circles you need.

cutting your lemons when you don't have a paper cutter

Ready to cut lemons can be made for bigger kids to cut, by tracing the entire glass or object.

lemons for lemonade shape cup craft

To get semi circles, cut round lemons in half along the folded crease.

Cutting the Sheet Protector

The edges of the sheet protector need to be trimmed off. Once these edges are trimmed off you will have to separate sheets.

Ultimately, you will end up with four half sheets when the clear sheets have been cut.

You can do this by laying the white halves of paper next to each other then placing the clear sheet protectors on top of the two white sheets. (It will be quite a bit smaller, but it still looks super cute!)

Adjust the clear sheet protector, making it as even as possible all around, then cut the clear sheet using the center between the white sheets as a guide.

Lemonade Shape Craft for Kids: Lemonade Day

Completing your Lemonade Shape Craft

So you have everything either traced or cut out and ready to go. Gather all of your little people and get this lemonade stand going.

Lemonade Cup Craft

Of course, it is a good idea to have an example of what the kids will be working on.

Use this as an opportunity to go over what we will be doing and the expectations you have for them.

Finally, discuss all of the wonderful attributes of your lemonade shape craft.

Lemonade Shape Craft for Kids by Raising the Spengler's

Learning Opportunity! Discussion and Questions

  • “What shape is this?” for each shape
  • “What color is this?” for each object
  • “What is this circle supposed to be in our glass of ice cold lemonade?” Example for really little people.
  • “What does this blue cube represent in our glass of ice cold lemonade?” Example for bigger kiddos

After you have covered some of the basics start letting your little person glue on their shapes. Depending on the age and experience they have with a glue stick they may or may not need help, just be patient and let them go for it.

We had a lot of cute designs!

Lemonade Cup Craft: Lemonade Day Raising the Spengler's

Once the shapes are glued on, it is time for the clear sheet protector.

Prior to the first kiddo starting to put glue on the clear sheet, I showed them how to place the glue all the way around all of the edges, turn the sheet over and place it on their page of shapes.

Check their progress with this and assist them if they need it, especially with holding down the sheet when adding glue and with turning it over and placing it on.

Lemonade shape cup craft by Raising the Spengler's

Lastly, lift up a small section of the top of the clear sheet protector and insert the straw Press around the top of the clear protector. I didn’t add additional glue, but you can if you need it.

There you have it!

A cute glass of lemonade.

Additional Learning Opportunities

Did you and your kids enjoy our Lemonade Shape Cup Craft? If so, please share to your favorite social media platform!

Lemonade Shape Craft

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